$100 challenge recipes

Roast chicken

Spaghetti bolognaise

Devilled Sausages

Cottage Pie

Chicken and Vege Pasta Bake

Chicken and Rice Risotto

Shopping List


6 thoughts on “$100 challenge recipes

  1. Thank you so much for sharing. I’M definately going to give this a go. Your recipes look easy peasy to follow. Do you cook all your meals in one day then freeze? Also where do you buy your containers from?


  2. Hi Melicia, thanks for your comment. I cooked up the 6 recipes over 4 evenings (just when i was cooking our regular dinner). You definitely don’t have to cook so much all in one go. If you just do a couple of recipes a week and then freeze the left overs you will have a freezer stash in no time for those busy evenings or when you feel like having a night off cooking 🙂


  3. Thanks for sparking our interest with your initiative. We’ve given it a go and got our average down to 5.50 a meal. Parmesan in the rissotto, fresh organic veges instead of frozen, san reno spaghetti and four meals with lamb shanks. We’re pretty happy with the costs and the portion sizes average 500gm but only 36 meals. . We add in extra fresh sald or veges on the evening but thats a breeze to prepare each day. Took 5 hours in the kitchen for once a month


    • Hi Steve, thank you for your comment. That’s a great effort, well done. I have just used basic recipes so that people with limited knowledge or cooking skills can still make them, it’s ideal for people to use them as a starting point and alter to suit their own taste and family likes.


  4. Hi there I was getting myself confused to be honest, I have a family of seven and would love our grocery bill down but looking at the list you have up top sadly there is no way I could do it for $100 any ideas?


    • Hi there, that’s for getting in touch with me. I used the $100 to just buy dinner ingredients to see how many servings I could make for that. It ended up being enough dinners for my family for 3 full weeks. Have you had a look through my recipes?


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