Greatest toy!!

IMG_5980What is the best type of toy your child can own?

With the advances in technology, toys that kids have these days are amazing!!! But it’s got me thinking… what is the best toy a child can ever have? An iPad, Lego, playdough, paints, toy cars, the list go on….

Nope, none of these, the best toy a child can have is a parent/caregiver that takes time to play and interact with them.

Yes, the above list of commercial toys have there place and a child also learns and develops imagination from playing by themselves but a child will never get bored of a parent joining them.

The look on their little faces when you splash in a puddle, climb a tree with them, paint with them, build a huge Lego tower with them…priceless

Don’t get me wrong, iPads, commercial toys and then individual imaginative play all have there place but our kids are only young once and I encourage you all to take time to join them on the floor and just play…who knows you  might even enjoy yourself.

Katie 🙂



One thought on “Greatest toy!!

  1. I agree. And using your local Toy Library to offer a variety of toys puzzles and game so you and your little one have some thing new to play with every couple of weeks.


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